About Federalisms™

The greeting card aisle at the closest drug store just doesn’t cut it for the majority of federal occasions, like EODs, returning from a TDY, or an unprecedented furlough. Working for the federal government can be challenging enough; our relationships and interactions with co-workers should be fun and supportive.

Federalisms™ are clean, crisp, and straightforward. They say what you’re thinking … if you’re just a little irreverent.

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Federalisms™: Funny. Real. Federal. And always non-partisan.

Federalisms™ was created by a 15+ year federal employee, who has the pins and certificates to prove it.

Federalisms™ are Made in DC, from the delightful and witty text on Federalisms™ cards to the photography of federal buildings on this website and social media accounts.

All photographs and text are the intellectual property of My Utensil Crock, LLC, d/b/a Federalisms.


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